Emergency Communications Systems by Honeywell
Learning and Solutions for ECS and Mass Notification

Honeywell Life Safety provides a full range of Emergency Communications solutions to meet your needs. Providing a wide range of systems to alert and inform occupants from high rises office buildings to sprawling military bases and everything in between– Honeywell Life Safety is your partner of choice when designing an Emergency Communication System.

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Honeywell FSG Services provides expertise and resources for:

Total ECS/MNS design of systems and applications include floor plans, panel drawings, and interface into 3rd party MNS wireless head-in controls.

Giant voice speaker arrangement and interface to Digital Voice Systems
ECS/MNS speaker intelligibility design using EASE 4.3 software to provide 3D modeling of speaker arrangement
On-site intelligibility testing and certification using intelligibility meter

Partnering with:

  • NOTIFIER by Honeywell
  • Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell
  • Silent Knight by Honeywell
  • Fire-Lite by Honeywell
  • Honeywell Power Product
NOTIFIER MNS/Emergency Communications Systems broadcast live, up-to-the minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities worldwide.

Partnering with:

Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Series provide a robust MNS featuring several new products, including an LOC (Local Operating Console), back-lit signage, high-threat switches, amber strobes, specialized speakers, and giant voice equipment.

Partnering with:

Silent Knight Be Ready with Silent Knight's Emergency Communication Systems
Will you be ready to respond when your building is hit with a life treatening emercy? Silent Knight has the integrated fire alarm and emergency communication system to provide life saftey communication to facility residents where and when they need it. Learn more about the IFP-1000ECS series, a solution for protecting people and property all in one package.

System Sensor offers SpectrAlert Advance, the broadest selection of audible/visible notification appliances in the industry. A plug-in design makes installation fast and foolproof. Accessories and mounting options make these products adaptable to nearly every application – including a full line for emergency communications and mass notification systems.

Partnering with:

  • AFMG - Developers of EASE 4.3, a software solution designed to provide a 3-D model of sound properties and data for specific environments and speaker configurations. Voice evacuation system designers can now use EASE to predict the intelligibility of their voice system before installation. To find speaker data necessary to model SpectrAlert Advance voice evacuation systems in EASE, visit System Sensor’s Ease Report page.
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